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    It was dark. i could not sure if my sight was damaged or not. i tried to wave to myself, but i could see nothing. i cried out in this darkness, but there were no answers. i did make fun of poeple, i did tease childern sometimes; however, i had never forgetten  to give appreciated or apologies. i could not understand why i were in this darkness?


    light showed at this hopeless space. it let me understand my eyes were well and my body was perfect. i was attracted by the light. i want to go toward it and grab it. the closer to the light i were, the stronger the light was. finally, i reach the end. i knew it, because the light here was as warm as the sun.


    a person who waited there was not the one i expected. he was not an angel, but a demon. i was astonished when the demon took my heart out of my body. it was the most devil and scary smile i had ever seen while the demon stared at my heart. i saw lights jumped out my heart, and lossing it’s life at the same time. when my heart had become pure darkness, the demon put it in his mantle with satisfaction. and me? i fell back into the darkness again…


    without the power of lights, my body fell into the darkness powerless.


    the ground i fell on was not as hard as rock, but as soft as b-o-d-i-e-s.


    yes, a group of living deads who lost their heart and power of light. we are here wondering around at the space called “reality.”

    by Noid. inspired by the police officer…June 21, 2009.