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    閃亮亮的男孩--囧男孩 Orz Boyz



    what is Orz? well, it’s a text speech which means to be defeated and remain speechless. the meaning takes from it’s shape of Orz.

    穿插著童話與插畫( by 王登鈺)的世界,看似小孩子在看卡通,也像是卡通人物在看小孩子。不管如何,我們都看到了,自己小時候調皮的樣子。感覺上,那時候的生命,比現在還要閃亮。

    by inserting illustrations within the movie, we see children watching cartoons characters perform, and cartoon characters watching children performing. no matter which one it is, in this movie, it represents the energetic of children and  how naughty they are. i even fell that, children have become richer by playing and tricking around.


    i don’t know if every child is as naughty as children in the movie, but i don know that i wasn’t that naughty when i was 10. things i’ve done are only hatching eggs, making up ghost stories in school. somehow, childhood would become colorless if children are not naughty.


    the innocent and naughty of children in the movie, reflect the rascally and irresponsibility of adults which lead us to introspect ourselves. Maybe, it’s just like the legend that human lives are given from other creatures; therefore, after 10 years old, human become complex and not innocent anymore.


    this is an excellent movie in an art-house film; therefore, not many people really go to cinema for this one. However, this movie is really worthy to see.

    題外話,插畫作家王登鈺也有出過幾本作品,像是 《雷光夏 / 黑暗之光》,有興的朋友可以到博客來看看。

    btw, the painter who illustrats the illustrations in the movie has published some of his works here.